• Build the house of your dream
  • Design
  • Preparation of the construction site
  • Foundation laying
  • Framework of the house
  • Exterior finishing
  • Interior finishing
  • Landscaping

Visilla -
Construction of Finnish houses
in Finland

1st floor 246 m2
Each house is unique in its own way and reflects the character of its owner. Design developed in cooperation with our architects will meet your individual requirements.
2nd floor 154 m2
At designing before the transaction you can influence the process of construction and choose the materials

The construction begins with various preparation works
on the land allotment of the construction site. Those works can be, for example, preparation of the construction site, excavation of the ground, taking away the soil, drilling or explosive works, backfilling. Preparation works on the land are also carried out when constructing the motorways.

Foundation is the base of the building. The stronger the foundation is, the longer the whole building will serve. The correct choice of the foundation predetermines the quality of the house and the cost of the construction. Foundation laying consists of several stages, i.e.: shuttering, reinforcing, concrete works, water insulation and freeze protection.

The house is delivered disassembled to the construction site within the terms specified in the contract. Professionals of our company using the latest modern technologies make the process of assembling easier and reduce it to the shortest possible period.

At this stage the exterior of the house is completely
ready. The windows and doors are installed, there is ornamental finishing on the windows, doors, columns, sun-lounges and balconies. The house is only to be painted, the gutters and the items of roofing safety are to be set up.

This stage includes the following works: installing of interior framing for partitioning the rooms, construction of the floors and ceilings, carrying out sanitary engineering works and electrical installation works, mounting of the interior staircases, etc. Finishing works are a constituent part of the construction and installation works. The correct arrangement of the interior finishing works combined with interior design works considerably increases their operational and aesthetic features.

Landscape design is the art and, at the same time, work dealing with gardening and improvement of the area consisting of the projecting and planting trees and shrubs, arranging lawns. The landscape design implies the construction of the small architectural forms on the allotment. The landscape designer will help you to make the area around your house beautiful and well-balanced. The works on the improvement depend greatly on the level of the works performed: whether the whole area around the house is involved or only several trees and walking paths are added.